About Us

SMIS Consulting

Best Consulting Service in Africa

SMIS Consulting is a young and dynamic company established in Izmir, Turkey in 2019 to provide professional services in import-export, engineering (energy, construction, agriculture, clothing), and furniture supply, interior and exterior decoration of Turkey to Africa, Europe and America, SMIS Consulting has successfully completed many high-profile projects in Africa with its expert staff and experience.

SMIS Consulting is your business partner, which guides you in your calls for tenders and various purchases. With a burning desire to do better, we offer very good quality products with our different partners, according to different products. Our team is made up of experts with solid skills, who work to provide excellent services. Customer satisfaction matters more than anything!

Our mission

Provide practical solutions according to our knowledge and experience, methods, skills, and be a bridge to success.

Our vision

To serve as your compass is our vision; Guide you in your business with our experiences and technical advice. To contribute to the improvement of well-being by offering solutions that contribute to the values of human life in all the geographical areas where we operate with our skills and our desire to do better. Our customers know that we always think the best for them.

Our work policy

Our work policy is based on the principles which are; establish sincere, honest communication and provide quick solutions, maintain reliable and long-term relationships.


Why work with us?

  • We are a Dynamic and Experienced team, combining our know-how in consulting and operations in several sectors.
  • Our tailor-made solutions integrated from strategy to operations.
  • Our commitment and passion to create value and drive success.

Our Team

We are an experienced team capable of providing management consulting and in various industries, we offer our clients end-to-end, applicable and personalized solutions that lead them to success.